NCYC tries to keep registration fees affordable and has never turned anyone away for lack of finances. Currently our registration fee covers less than half of our program costs. Would you like to become a donor?



Your donation allows us to continue bringing young Catholic Choristers to NCYC each year. NCYC tuition covers only half of our choristers program costs. Your donations make it possible to get as many singers to NCYC as possible!

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Spread the Word

Tell your friends, family and church members about NCYC! If you are a returning NCYC choristers, referrals get you camp tuition discounts! For every chorister you refer and is accepted, you save $100 on your tuition, up to a savings of $300!


2018/2019 Donations/Supporters

$1,000 or More

  • David and Janet Larsen - TX

  • Brandon D. Sanders - IL

  • Robert M. Wyerhaeuser - MA

  • Eunice Ruff - MN

$500 or More

  • Mary LaVoy - MN

$100 or More

  • Terrel A. and Kathleen Hoopman - MN

  • Rosemary and Robert Bird - AK

Up to $99

  • Joseph P. and Mary Alice Lipinski - MI

  • Mary J. Gundrum - WI